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SCOOP: RailLight®.

Railway lighting without light pollution with maximum safety

RailLight® is a unique product that has been nationally approved by the NS and ProRail. RailLight® is a patented luminaire with an aluminium housing that is attached to the outside of the rails. Triolight has the exclusive production and distribution rights. Due to the unique light distribution, walkways and inspection paths are optimally illuminated without light pollution but with maximum safety. RailLight® is extremely suitable for any railway siding where safety is a must. The grazing light creates a shadow so that obstacles are clearly visible. New in the Netherlands, new in the EU, new worldwide! Want to know more about this innovative product? 🌐 www.triolight.com/raillight/

Traditional lighting on railways and railway sidings are history. A new lighting era has started for the railways. Our RailLight® creates a light effect without light pollution. This creates a visible path at night that ensures safety on site. The vibration-resistant components ensure a long product life. With its length of 2 metres (connectable up to 90 metres!) RailLight® is quick and easy to assemble.