Swedish private operator Snälltåget will run direct night trains to the Alps during the winter season 2022. On 28 January, the first train will depart.

Aimed primarily at people making ski trips, the night train departs on Fridays for five weeks from Malmö via Høje Taastrup outside Copenhagen, Odense and Kolding and arrives in the Austrian Alpine metropolises on Saturday morning.

In addition to direct trains to the popular Zell am See, there will also be bus connections to additional ski resorts in Austria. The return journey takes place a week later on Saturday evening, with arrival in Denmark and Sweden on Sunday.

Ski holidays

The departures to Austria take place from week 5 to 11, which includes the sports holidays in both Sweden and Denmark. The night train will consist of 6-bed compartments where holidaymakers can socialise in the evening and then turn into bed during the night. A

On Snälltåget’s restaurant trolley ‘Krogen’, passengers can enjoy a bite during the trip. There is an option for breakfast in Krogen or a breakfast bag to bring back to your compartment.

Green journey

The express train buys renewable electricity (hydropower, wind power and solar power).  A train journey for a person from Malmö / Copenhagen to Zell am See back and forth has an emission of about 1.2 kg CO2, calculates Snälltåget. This includes losses in the existing electricity grid and the impact that the various renewable power sources have.

In comparison, a flight Kastrup – Innsbruck / Salzburg corresponds to around 267 kg CO2, and a transfer would need to be added. The same trip with a petrol-powered Volvo V60 corresponds to 128 kg CO2 per person with four people in the car. A bus that runs on fossil-free HVO fuel emits about 8 kg of CO2 per person, making the train the most sustainable option, according to Snälltåget’s calculations.

Night trains are one of the topics of the third day (23 June) of the conference RailTech Europe 2022. How can cross-border traffic be improved? For more information and the speakers, visit the website.